Those that have an appreciation for fishing keep themselves aware of what is happening in this industry. There are many different things that take place that is of concern and interest to freshwater anglers.

Beyond Fishing

While freshwater fishing is a major sport and can contribute to the economy, freshwater fish depend on healthy ecosystems and these are at risk. Anglers have to take their fair share of responsibility for keeping these clean as they are the main contributor to fresh drinking water. Not only do they have to make sure they don’t pollute these waterways but they need to inform others about not doing so.

The Wrong species

Freshwater fish have other predators besides humans. They can be threatened by species that are invasive. Part of the cause of this is the introduction of rare species of fish to the waterways normally habituated by the common species. Some of these introductions are done knowingly with the idea of creating new fisheries. Then there are times when this is done innocently with no clear intent.

Excessive Fishing

With freshwater fishing being such a popular sport it is at risk for excessive fishing. In some cases, this is because there is a need for food. In other cases, it is just for the sheer joy of it. Where catch and release is not practiced in a responsible manner. For this reason, many governments are intent are creating stricter laws in order to prevent at least some of the species from becoming endangered.

Climate Change

There are still many that don’t put a lot of credence into climate change.Many scientists are doing their best to bring awareness to this. Which an also have a dramatic effect on not only freshwater fish but all species.

These are just a few of the challenges that anglers must be aware of that concerns their favourite sport.

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