If you want a more rewarding surf fishing experience, never pick a spot at random or forget to check the sea conditions. Be very keen on timing because fish are very sensitive to temperature changes. Maybe you have not been watching the shoreline conditions and this is probably why you haven’t caught enough fish this week. Of course, you cannot take home the same amount of fish every day. But there are a few blunders you can avoid to improve your shore angling.

1. Choosing Random Fishing Spots

There is hardly an even distribution of fish in the surf. You cannot predict a good spot based on your moods. You will catch the majority of fish in regions that are well served with food and shelter. Check in the drop-offs and deep gutters where a sufficient amount of water flows. Make use of polarized sunny glasses for easy spotting. Stop picking a fishing spot randomly.

2. Wrong Timing

You will find most species feeding near shore where there is a decent layer of cover in the surf. This is where they hide from predators while pursuing their prey. Pick a time when the surf and weather conditions allow this type of cover. High tides at dusk tend to favor surf fishing as well as unstable surf conditions. But some fish prefer preying on low tides e.g. the bass. It is good to understand the preferred temperature ranges of your target fish so you can choose the best time. An overcrowded beach makes things harder for surf fishermen. So you might want to wait until most of the beachgoers leave the shore.

The surf is very fluctuating and so is the oceanic temperature. The feeding habits of many fishes keep changing through the day. So, your location and the surf fishing time are critical factors of success. Plan your fishing trips bearing in mind the above two points.

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