Anyone that wants to enjoy a good big game fishing experience needs to be able to rely on the proper gear. There are several items that will needed for the angler that is going to participate in salt water fishing.

The Basic Tackle

The basic tackle should start with the spinning combo which can be of medium weight. Those that are talented at casting may be able to get away with a standard reel. The reel combo that is chosen should be that has been rated for 10 to 25 line.

Fishing Line

Costs can be cut in some areas when buying fishing gear but there are also some areas where this should be avoided. This applies to the fishing line. The saltwater along with the harsh rays of the sun can play havoc on the fishing line. To help prevent fishing line having to be replace too frequently it is worth investing in top quality products. Also it is important to make the right choice of fishing line based on the type of game that the angler is going after.


The type of hooks that are selected for the fishing occasion is something else that needs attention. There are different types of hooks such as:

Circle hooks

Live Bait Hooks

J Hook


Have the right bait to offer the proposed catch is half the battle. For those who are new to this type of fishing the best thing to do is choose bait that is close to the diet of the sought after fish.


The alternative to using live bait is to use lures. There are several different types such as:




Soft bait

It is going to come down to having some knowledge as to which of these will be the most attractive to the type of fish being fished for.

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