Once an avid fisherman gets caught up in the sport of fishing many of them soon end up choosing big game fishing as their favorite. This then leads them to want to know where the best saltwater fishing destinations may be.


For those living in the US, they have plenty of ideal locations to choose for a good big game fishing experience. A prime state is Florida which has several great options to choose from. Some favorite locations are:

  • Boca Grande
  • St. Augustine
  • Big Bend on the Atlantic Coast

Out of the Country

For those that want to make their big game fishing an extended event, they may want to choose a destination for their deep sea fishing that can be part of their holiday. Some of the fish species are:

  • Sicily, Italy
  • Cape Town South Africa
  • Phuket, Thailand


When going on an extended big game fishing excursion, it is going to take some planning. A fishing charter may have to be booked. The angler needs to know what equipment they will need. Then they have to give some thought as to what are they going to do with that big catch that they hopefully will land?

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