Do you engage in fishing as a means of nourishment or for sporting purposes? Regardless of the reasons why you do fishing, this sport comes with lots of benefits: it promotes bonding, it helps relieve stress, it’s fun, and anyone can do it. But what are the types of fishing?

Freshwater Fishing

This is perfect for beginners and requires no special tools. You only need to buy simple fishing equipment and then head out to a lake, river, stream, or pond. Examples of freshwater fish include salmon, catfish, trout, crappie, and bass.

Saltwater Fishing

It is also a great option for beginners, but you need special equipment to catch fish. If you’re a first-timer, you may want to start the practice from a beach. What are examples of saltwater fish? The list of marine fish is endless, but the most popular include angelfish, clownfish, orange-lined triggerfish, firefish, and the Royal Gramma. Equipment to catch this fish may differ from one type of fish to the other. And ultimately, you may want to consult an expert before heading into the ocean

Ice Fishing

If cold weather is your thing, consider fishing on ice covered surfaces. But unlike other types of fishing, this practice is for the experienced fellas. In addition to unique fishing techniques, you need special equipment such as an ice auger to drill holes.

Catch and Release

Do you fish for fun? If you go fishing just to relax, pass time, or for research purposes, then this should be your favourite fishing style. This is where you catch fish and release them back into the water. However, you should be careful when setting the fish free from the hook to avoid injuries. But if you get injured in the process, be sure to contact livi medical app for immediate help.

Fly Fishing

What comes to your mind when you come across fly fishing? Fishing on air? This angling method requires you to cast an artificial fly on your reel and specialised line to lure the fish. Be sure to learn a few casting techniques to increase your chances of catching fish. This method can be used in freshwater or saline waters.

Fishing at a Glance

Now that you know the reasons why fishing is a great hobby and some of the most popular fishing types, you should consider a few essential items you need to get started. Basically, you must apply for a fishing licence from your local fishing authorities before you start this practice. Make sure that you have a fishing line, reels and rods, hooks and weights, clippers, and split shots. Apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses, a hat and other protective clothing to prevent sunburns. You may also want to bring with some bug repellent to keep insects away.

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