Those who are new to big game fishing have a lot to learn. Although they can experience this type of fishing with just knowing the basics, the more they are committed to learning about it the more enjoyment will be had from this sport.

Using the Right Resources

Those that are going to venture into saltwater fishing need to familiarize themselves with this type of fishing. There are different fishing resources that can be used for this. The media is one that has a value that includes the internet. Magazines are another. Then also listening to those who have experience with this type of fishing is also another learning resource.

The Difference Between Saltwater and freshwater fishing

Saltwater fishing is done in deeper water and requires different equipment. The game being sought after for big game fishing is much larger. The techniques used are also going to vary.

Taking Care of the Gear

The type of water that one is fishing in is going to have an impact on any fishing gear that is subjected to the water. Saltwater is more corrosive and can damage equipment early. To avoid this, individuals should wash their rood and reel with fresh water after each fishing experience. Some anglers spray their equipment that is subjected to the water with silicon lubrication to help protect it.


New big game anglers must keep in mind that they are going after much bigger fish and the tackle they choose has to be applicable. There is fishing equipment that is specifically made for this type of fishing. Also, it is important to match the gear with the type of game that the angler is going after.

Understanding the Tides

Just as freshwater anglers have to know certain characteristics about the fish they go after the same applies in saltwater fishing. This means that the anglers have to keep an eye on the movement of the tide as this affects the movement of the fish. The best rule of thumb is to choose a fishing area to utilize about an hour before high tide. Then once this sets in fishing can only be continued with any success for about a half hour after this.

As with any type of fishing, patience is a virtue. There are a lot of techniques that can be used to lead the angler to success but a lot of this will depend on the circumstances at the time of fishing.

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